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“Legal Action Not About Me, Says Dr. Nevers Mumba

By Staff Reporter

MMD Party President Dr. Nevers Mumba remains resolute in his decision to pursue legal action against a malicious article titled, “12 most poisonous Snakes that will bite & dump HH in 2026 after his shameful defeat in 2026” authored by Zumani Zimba and published in the Mast Newspaper (Edition No. 4533-5M 393). The article launches a scathing attack on Dr. Mumba’s integrity, labeling him “ungrateful, shameful, and disgraceful.” Mr. Zimba, widely viewed as a tool of a political party’s top brass, further caricatures Dr. Mumba as “poisonous” and a “deadly traitor.”

Dr. Mumba remains undaunted, stressing that his life has been an open book for 45 years of public service. “I am serious about changing politics in this country… there is a Zambia that I see,” said the charismatic leader, whose authoritative voice has previously shaken the foundations of our Republic. He emphasized that he is not afraid of criticism, having faced it since his early days as a young preacher at Victory Ministries International.

Dr. Mumba clarified that his legal action is not about being sensitive to criticism but about setting a precedent to prevent malicious damage to the credibility of individuals who have made significant contributions to national building. “This action is not about me but about creating a new nation governed by clean and moral politics,” he said.

Despite efforts to dissuade him, Dr. Mumba’s lawyers have served Mr. Zimba with a Letter of Demand. The MMD leader remains unperturbed by his political enemies’ machinations, who have sought to achieve relevance by throwing jibes at him. He has always responded with love to his opponents, and his resolve to change politics in Zambia remains unwavering.

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