YOUNG people operating at bus stations and markets should not be targeted as tools of political violence, says Matero constituency Kapwepwe ward 25 councillor, Mwamba Salubusa.
Mr Salubusa said in an interview that the ward was discouraging the use of young people as tools of political violence.
He also said the ward was discouraging unplanned meetings as every week of the month has been dedicated to constituency youth wing meetings to convey the development agenda,” he said.“As a ward we are against the use of youths operating in bus stations or markets as tools of violence but partners in having a safe Matero,’ said Mr Salubusa.
And Mr Salubusa said the constituency executive committee, working with the Member of Parliament Lloyd Kaziya and other councillors, would introduce a campaign dubbed ‘Go back to School’ to help tackle illiteracy levels.
‘For this campaign we want to ensure that those who had failed in certain subjects at secondary school level are encouraged to re-write their examinations in the subjects in which they failed,’ explained Mr Salubusa.
Mr Salubusa said there would be no more briefcase offices for ward executive committees as all wards would with immediate effect have permanent offices.

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