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Leadership Movement mock UPND alliance government

…Dr. Silumbe says the government has failed to rectify the problem of load shedding and food security in the country.

Dr. Silumbe emphasising a point

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (7-01-2023-Zambia24) – The opposition Leadership Movement (LM) has joined the rest of the Zambian society in not only condemning the new dawn administration but also mocking it for failing to rectify the problem of load shedding and food security in the country.

Party president Dr. Richard Silumbe told journalists at a media briefing that Zambia in its current form has a weak governance system and the president is failing to make his authority known to the people he is governing.

He explained that an effective government should not do away with the design to protect and instill discipline in the governed.

He said there is no law that is bad in itself but the implementation that is wrongly done that has made the law look bad.

He regretted the failure of the government to provide for the people being governed to ensure that things are done following the provisions of the law.

Instead of prioritizing the citizens, Dr. Silumbe said the new down administration is focusing its attention on supporting entities that are in business with the government.

Dr. Silumbe feels the UPND entered into government after winning the 2021 presidential and general elections without a program on how to deal with the pressing challenges of the country.

He said President Hichilema’s administration has not fulfilled the many promises to the satisfaction of the people that gave them the mandate to form a government.

An example point Dr. Silumbe said the government has seen it prudent to export power to neighboring countries when the citizens are due to lack of power.

Dr. Silumbe said nuclear power is the go-to alternative owing to the challenges being experienced with the generation of hydropower in Zambia.

He said the issue of infrastructure should not the reason why the government cannot look to nuclear power generation.

He said the current government lacks the willpower to move toward the desired goal of eradicating load-shedding which is crippling business initiatives for the people trying to survive.

He said many countries that do not large bodies of water to generate power are using nuclear energy to produce power.

He said Zambia has the much-needed resources to go nuclear energy that will enable the government to prevent the negative narrative coming from the people bent on colonial mentality.

As a result of this careless decision, many small and medium enterprises and self-help projects that depend on power are folding.

He observed that the government has equally neglected its duty to supply farming inputs to the farmers halfway into the farming season.

He said failure by the government to deliver the input to the farmers will lead the country not to be food secure in the coming years.

He proposed to the government to come up with initiatives that provide solutions to the problems faced by the over one million farmers in the country.

He said Zambia has the resources to deal with the challenges it is facing now save that, the progression rate is being hampered by the narrative theory that the people cannot handle the challenge.

He said the government is failing to implement the elections campaign messages which led the people to usher them into office.

He also observed that the government is also struggling with insufficient medicine in hospitals owing to its dependence on foreigners to deal with the challenge.

He said the government should prioritize investing in local companies to deal with the issue of manufacturing essential drugs missing in the country.

He said the issue of money should not be the reason why the government is not open to new ideas and innovations.

He said the government could use the available resources including minerals which can easily be exchanged for services.

He suggested that the government should consider creating reserves of the minerals which can be used for emergencies than allowing all the minerals to be exported.

He said the new dawn administration is under capture and has been hijacked by foreigners

He said the decision that is made by the government is worrisome as it is with the exporting of power when the country does not have enough to use.

So many sectors are struggling to survive due to the decisions that have been made.

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