“Launch of ‘Plant a Tree Challenge’

… With Speaker of the National Assembly Leading Tree-Planting Campaign to Galvanize Environmental Action

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (04-03-2024) – Speaker of the Assembly Nelly Muti has initiated the “Plant a Tree” challenge, urging citizens to combat climate change by planting trees.

Muti told journalists during the launch that every citizen has the responsibility to plant a tree and highlighted the importance of finding alternative uses to cutting trees, such as bamboo.

She emphasized the need to educate people, including children, about tree planting and underscored the significance of everyone’s contribution, regardless of age or background, in preserving the environment.

Muti expressed appreciation for the audience’s participation and support in the initiative.

Serenje Central MP Kandafula George called for collective action towards environmental preservation.

Speaking at the launch of the “Plant a Tree” challenge, Kandafula commended local environmentalists in his constituency for their dedication.

He emphasized the significance of tree-planting initiatives in densely populated areas, highlighting their potential for significant environmental impact.

Additionally, Kandafula stressed the economic benefits of planting diverse fruit trees and the importance of educating all community members, including cooks, to garner widespread support.

He called for collaboration across different groups, emphasizing inclusivity, and encouraged collective action in environmental initiatives.”

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