L/stone PF cadre threatens to deal with Mast reporter


SOUTHERN Province PF youth chairman Obby Mweemba has threatened to deal with The Mast journalist Edwin Mbulo for what he termed ‘stupid journalism.

Mweemba’s threats come after President Edgar Lungu strongly warned the provincial executive for trying to influence him on who to hire or fire. President Lungu told the cadres to stick to their lane. Recently, Southern Province executive committee led by Lawrence Evans called for the dismissal of the provincial minister Edify Hamukale for allegedly causing confusion in the ruling party.

In a recording obtained by The Mast, Mweemba is heard saying Hamukale was a new comer to the party adding that he would be advised to leave the ruling party just like Chishimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba whom he referred to as confused people.

Later the executive committee, after a meeting, issued a statement calling for the dismissal of Hamukale. But President Lungu said powers to hire and fire were reposed in him.

“Let me be clear about this one. Let us use our power properly, let us keep to our lanes, let us keep to our lines of duty. I am saying so because you think that you are the ones who employed us [and] you can direct who to hire and fire. That is not the way it goes,” said President Lungu.

The PF in the province has been having wrangles as the party hold its intraparty elections and factions have emerged with one calling Mweemba, Evans and former Livingstone district commissioner Omar Musanje as the Mailon brothers. But Mweemba said he would be forced to deal with Mbulo saying President Lungu was merely advising and not lambasting the PF officials.

“If you continue with this stupid journalism, I will deal with you. I have the capacity to deal with you. The President never referred to us as the Mailon brothers,” said Mweemba.

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