PERFORMANCE of the Kwacha should not be blamed on the alleged abuse of donor funding but is a global phenomenon that has affected almost all the African countries, New Congress party leader Peter Chanda has charged.
Mr Chanda said it was sad that some sections of society wanted to politicise issues of interest at the expense of providing alternatives for the benefit of the nation.
He told the Daily Nation in an interview that politicians were only interested in their personal agendas and were misleading the nation on the issues they could not change even if they were given that chance to do so.
Mr Chanda stated that former republican presidents Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda were the only leaders who were in a good position to talk about the governance of the nation because they had been in power before understood the dynamics of the economy.
“All this rhetoric and misleading statements about the performance of Kwacha are actually coming from us politicians who want to gain political mileage using wrong platforms, when this is a global problem that has affected almost all the African countries.
“Scandalising the government over the issues affecting the nation is just showing ignorance and lack of leadership,” Mr Chanda said.
Mr Chanda said the performance of Kwacha was based on how much the country was exporting, adding that Zambia should actualise the diversification programme and ensure value addition to locally produced products.
He appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture to capacitate the Food Reserve Agency for profit purposes, saying Zambians should ensure they embraced the culture of buying local products.

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