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Kitwe Mayor Advises Public Bodies to Obtain Title to Their Land


Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has asked different public institutions to officially apply to the Kitwe City Council to regularise their respective institutional land.

Kang’ombe, who is concerned with daily reports of institutional land being encroanched upon due to its vulnerability, said the initiative will help address the challenge.

He said the move will lead to most institutional land that is not on title to be regularised through surveying and numbering for eventual titling.

“We have asked different public institutions in Kitwe such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Zambia Police, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company, ZESCO and CEC to officially apply to the Planning Authority of the Kitwe City Council to regularise their respective institutional land, have them numbered and surveyed for eventual titling,” Kang’ombe said .

He said the move will prevent any future encroachment and boundary disputes on public institutional land.

Kang’ombe stated that the exercise is necessary in line with the Urban and Regional Planning Act.

“Institutions that already have surveyed diagrams of the facilities will be required to submit them to the local authority for filing purposes and shared knowledge,” he added.

Kang’ombe reiterated that it is the responsibility of the owners of land to safeguard their facilities from trespass, adding that the council does not police private property but implements planning and development controls.

“We hope to receive maximum support and cooperation from all public, private and quasi government institutions,”  said Kang’ombe.

News source: Zambia Reports

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