Keep Cholera away of Lusaka at all cost- Texila don

By Dr Patrick Chanda

Dr Chanda – Dean School of Public Health at Texila American University Zambia

Zambians should seriously guard that the current Cholera outbreak does not reach Lusaka as the conditions are so ripe for the disease.
Cholera is a diarrheal disease that is transmitted through contaminated food and water, and there is a lot of water now, so the conditions are right for the transmission of Cholera.
The Cholera germ can survive in frozen products, frozen water something that is consumed so much in Lusaka, but it can easily be destroyed by heat.
Prevent Cholera by consuming safe water which is either treated or boiled, water vegetables and fruits with safe water, use toilets the right way, cover food.
The best principle to follow is to boil, wash or pile foods were necessary, if not leave it.
People can get Cholera by ingesting contaminated water or food, but the symptoms may not show until at least six hours after one has consumed contaminated stuff and for others it can take up to five days for symptoms to show.
Symptoms may include profuse watery diarrhea, extreme thirst because of losing a lot of water from profuse diarrhea and sometimes vomiting.
If you experience symptoms of Cholera, rush to the nearest health facility but before that you begin to take fluids such as ORS to prevent dehydration.

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