Kambwili Declares No One Will Stop Him from Attending Dialogue

The NDC Consultant Chishimba Kambwili says no one will stop him from attending the National Dialogue and reconciliation meeting.

Speaking to Journalists from his residence in Lusaka, Kambwili who is a Patriotic Front Roan Member of Parliament said he will lead the NDC delegation to the dialogue process.

Kambwili said that he was surprised that the ruling Patriotic Front had put so much emphasis on excluding him from dialogue when they did not want him in the party.

“I made it very clear on the agenda of the dialogue that one of the major issues to be discussed should be corruption because this dialogue and reconciliation does not make sense without tackling the issues of corruption”, Kambwili said.

“I am sure that all these who are saying Kambwili should not attend the national dialogue have been sponsored by PF and President Edgar Lungu because of the issues I raised in the first meeting at Kapingila House.”

“I made it very clear that they would be no dialogue without discussing corruption. We need people to explain how they have acquired their health and because of this, the thieves have not been sleeping and now are trying to exclude me from the meeting that somebody in PF is going to represent me.”

He said that he was in court to defend his seat in parliament and not his membership in the PF.

“I am capable of representing myself I don’t need anybody to represent me. I know why you are scared of me in that reconciliation meeting because they know the issues that I am going to raise,” Kambwili said.

“There can be no national dialogue and reconciliation if people continue to steal by stealing and not wanting to pay back or bring the things they have stolen from the people of Zambia,” he said.

“Let me make it clear this dialogue is not about political parties or inter party political meeting but it’s a dialogue for the nation for everybody who has an issue against the affairs of this country.”

News source: Zambia Reports

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