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Kalumbila Minerals Limited has in the last seven years  invested more than US$33 million in community development schemes, including malaria management, conservation farming education and community banking schemes in Kalumbila, Kalumbila minerals limited’s Trident Foundation manager Garth Lappeman has disclosed.
Mr Lappeman said the mining company is committed to sustainable development through economically viable investments.
He said the company wants to ensure the current needs of communities surrounding its mining operations will be supported during and after the life of the mine.
“Through its sustainability projects, FQM will continue to drive growth while fostering conservation farming, better healthcare, education and stronger business links in the area,” he said.
He said as peak malaria season approaches, the mining firm is bridging gaps in the national malaria programme through its public-private partnership.
“We have taken a two-pronged approach to malaria, ensuring people are tested and treated, while also working on prevention measures to reduce the incidence of mosquitoes that carry malaria,” he said.
Mr Lappeman disclosed that to date, Trident Foundation has spent US$3.09 million on community healthcare, covering clinical and community-based health services, with the balance going to prevention and education programmes.
“And the overall objective of First Quantum Minerals’ socio-economic development programmes is to improve the quality of life for its employees, their families and their immediate communities,’’ he added.

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