Kalu advises FAZ to call executive committee meeting to decide who to nominate for CAF Executive Committee member position

Former Football Association of Zambia President Kalusha Bwalya has advised the Football Association of Zambia to call an Executive Committee meeting in order to decide who will stand for Confederation of African Football (CAF) Executive Committee (South Zone) which he and current FAZ President Andrew Kamanga are both vying for.

FAZ will need to back one candidate as they are bound by Article 18 (5) to nominate only one candidate. The position is held by the 1988 African footballer of the year but comes to an end this year, with elections due this July.

” If we have to follow the statues of CAF and FIFA about transparency then the easiest would for FAZ to call a meeting . When one is aspiring for a position then we should call an executive committee meeting . We should not even do the usual formalities of seven days but just call it even this afternoon or tomorrow or Monday and invite me to come to that meeting and give us both (Kalusha and Andrew Kamanga) five minutes to speak about what we have done and what we will do. Afterwards the seven members can vote for their preferred candidate and the winner from that simple Democratic process can be backed by the Executive Committee,” He said.

“Its better than having our names on polls. I don’t want my name to be on polls all I want is what the law says. If you look at the circular that was sent on the seventh from CAF there is a misconception. If somebody can say they are going to appoint themselves then we are going the wrong direction because that’s is wrong and somebody has to say it is wrong. People working for them have to look at the rules and read the rules . They should not lie to the Zambian people,” He added.

Kalusha who has been a CAF Executive Committee member since 2011believes choosing through a ballot in a democratic process will mean the winner has the backing of the Zambian people.

“When Ahmad President of CAF when he was being elected he was given five ten minutes to speak about what he would do in that position.President Hayatou he was chairing that meeting he gave Ahmad chance to speak. If at that level the are going to allow a Democratic process what more us.When people chose whoever they chose he will have the blessing of the Zambian people,” He said.

“You are represating 14 other countries in the Southern region which means there is a process to follow, That’s why it is written that the nominees for the submission for southern region should be appointed by the national association. It will be good to get the blessing of the Government because they are major stake holders,” He added.

Kalusha this will be this will put the whole matter to bed so that the focus can go back to promoting Zambian football and Zambian football players.

“Once that is done today or tomorrow we will close this once and for all.It dont matter our names.We played along time ago for our names to be cheered or geared. We don’t want any more to play this game we have played.We have to promote Zambian football. They are other people playing Zambian football those are the boys we have to promote,” He said.

The CAF Executive Committee Member of the South Zone (Cosafa Region) represents 14 member associations namely Angola, Botswana, Comoros, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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