Kafue Stray lion shot

Etambuyu Katota-A male sub-adult lion that was roaming Shimabala area in Kafue District for the past 14 days has been killed by officers from the Department of Parks and Wildlife in the early hours of today.

Tourism Permanent Secretary EVANS MUHANGA says only one lion was roaming the area and no other lions are in Shimabala as speculated in some sections of the media.

Mr. MUHANGA explains that the lion which is suspected to have originated from the Lower Zambezi National Park was unfortunately shot by officers to protect the lives of the public.

He says the officers set out to tranquilise the lion and return it to its area of origin when it charged at the officers who had no option only option but to kill in order to protect human life.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Chilanga at the Department of Parks and Wildlife officers where the lions remains are currently being kept Mr. MUHANGA warned the public against circulating alarming statements which are false.

He said people circulation false videos and images are at risk of being arrested and prosecuted.

Mr. MUHANGA says a few individuals who used the lion situation of to steal or kill domestic Livestock have also been apprehended.

He has since thanked the efforts of the Zambia Air Force who provided aerial surveillance to locate the lion and other stakeholders who provided resources towards the operation.

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