By Ruth Chayinda:ZESCO Board Chairman Mbita Chitala says the construction works at the Kafue Gorge Lower are at 96 percent and is expected to start operations in September this year.Dr. Chitala has told ZNBC News in an interview that the Kafue gorge lower is expected to generate over 750 mega watts once it becomes operational and will reduce the load shedding hours.He further said the delay in the plant being complete is due to the Covid -19 that has not only affected Zambia but the globe further stating that among the issues is the contractor Sino hydro went on break in China and have NOT come back since.And Dr Chitala said Government availed 186 million US dollars from the Eurobond to ZESCO which was directed to the construction of the Kafue Gorge lower.He said the institution has also sourced for funds to help the company meet the target of the construction of the Kafue lower gorge which is 500 million US dollars.The ZESCO Board Chairperson further said the company is in negotiations with various pensions fund to help come on board and give financial support to the project.Dr Chitala said for now the country will continue to experience 10 to 12 hours load shedding because water levels at Kariba dam are still low.He said the utility company has also diversified its power generation to other sources of energy so that the country is not only reliant on hydro power . Post Views: 81
News Source: ZNBC

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