Calls Bloggers Nonsense

I got interested reading the Mast Online how the Nkana President expressed displeasure on the gossip of the players not paid their bonus.

some extracts of the news are as below with bloggers comments. I take keen interest because I broke the news first.

The Mast


Nkana president Everisto Kabila has angrily dismissed assertions that players are not paid winning bonuses describing them as ‘nonsense.’

“It’s nonsense, it’s criminal minds that want to sabotage the club. Our winning bonuses are sponsored. We have a sponsorship of about US$65,000 just for winning bonuses and only US$5,000 has been used, US$60,000 is there to be paid for the wins the team is going to get, so where are these claims coming from?” Kabila wondered.

MY THOUGHT: Huge sponsorship deals of course and with those amounts mentioned , the club should not face such challenges. Its also interesting that after the Facebook gossip, the mainstream publication also ran the same story. Looks like there are many that are criminal.

He goes on….

“It’s insulting to our sponsors Mopani and other corporates who have entrusted their resources at very difficult economic times to be told that they have failed to pay a winning bonus when we don’t owe players. That’s an insult. People must find better things to do. Don’t play with the club, don’t play politics with the club.”

MY THOUGHT: How then does different media houses , Bloggers inclusive get details of the same story.

He warned supporters to be careful not to be used by what he called disgruntled elements working for agents to destabilise the club during the transfer window.

MY THOUGHT: Disgruntled elements actually indicate that we are against the Club. Does the President remember that we were also part of the team that promoted the Fill Up Chilata Stadium . It ciuks be a small contribution but that is evident enough that we love the success of the Team Nkana . It also means that as Bloggers we may not only talk about good things. We are bloggers , we blog about Zambian football in totality, which is on and off the field.

The President is also quoted as below:

“ And I want to warn members of my executive if any of you is involved in this, I will flush you out because the team is passing through a rough patch due to fatigue,” said Kabila.

MY THOUGHT: I read this more than six times . Can the story said not be true involve EXCO members . What would be the reason behind EXCO members leaking information which is false.


“The players have played six games in 10 days, which club even in Europe plays football like that? So they need the support of everyone at the club not these disturbances. Journalists and these bloggers need to get facts straight.

MY THOUGHT:  The same bloggers , I for one did write an article of fatigue and that the team would not manage to get back into CAF with the number of games they are playing.


“We have no crisis at the club, we are okay and already mobilising for next season.”

MY THOUGHT : Good news finally and this is good for Zambian football because Nkana is a big tram and if there is no crisis its good for everyone.


The bottom line is we don’t hate Nkana and there isn’t even a reason to be enemies of the club as stated by the President .

We have been praised when we have sung praises for the team and we would want to be understood when we drop gossip and news.

Moreover, it’s called Gossip.

Its also normal for a club to owe players and Nkana is not an exceptional , it happens everywhere

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