Government has described Deputy Chief Justice Marvin Mwanamwabwa as a hard worker and man of integrity.
Justice Minister Given Lubinda says Mr. Mwanamwambwa will retire as a happy man who served his country with distinction.
Mr. Lubinda told ZNBC News that Justice Mwanamwabwa has retired of his own free will.
He said those in the legal fraternity have a lot to learn from Mr. Mwanamwabwa.
The Minister said that the Judiciary will tomorrow hold a valedictory Court Session to mark the retirement at the Supreme Court in honour of Justice Mwanamwambwa.
And, Lusaka Lawyer Jonas Zimba has described the Deputy Chief Justice as a man who has contributed greatly to the legal fraternity.
Mr. Zimba said that as a young lawyer he learnt a lot from Justice Mwanamwabwa.

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News Source: ZNBC

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