Journalist releases “The Runaway Teen Wife; Tukiya”

CHILD Marriages will not end unless every Zambian takes the fight against the vice as their personal battle, says David Kashiki, a journalist spun author, on the occasion of announcing the release date of his second book titled, “TUKIYA; The Runaway Teen Wife”, a genre portraying how the girl child of the rural Zambia is vulnerable to abuse.Kashiki’s announcement of the release date of the novel coincides with the commemoration of the International Day of the GirlChild which falls today, October 11, and the tribute theme being, “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force”.“Advocacy against child abuse which includes Early Childhood Marriages as one form of abuse, should always incorporate educative and deterrent messages tailored not only for the woman or parents to children unjustly married off, but for the men folk too; the boys who are often cited as perpetrators of the vice. Child rights advocates should not neglect the boy child in the process of advocating for the girl child’s rights because zero early marriages can best be achieved with men as battle partners.“I implore all persons, non-governmental organizations, to offer the almost same education against child abuse, to men, and boys. Early Childhood marriages can successfully be fought if men and women work together as a force against the unjust scourge. Therefore, the advocacy should bring men on board because the fight against this vice cuts across gender,” he said.Kashiki has penned TUKIYA; The Runaway Teen Wife, after observing how child abuse (Child marriages among other forms) was robbing the country of potential experts to help better the country.In this genre friendly to persons of all ages, author Kashiki tells the story of a failed teen marriage, using a fictional character named, Tukiya. “The girl was abused from the time of her birth, and went through life changing circumstances thereafter,” he said in part.Read below, an excerpt of the story abstract, for more details about the book;“They named her TUKIYA, without realizing the prophetic gist surrounding it. At age 7, a genius and peculiar child, Tukiya sets the whole village ‘alight’…She’s married off at a tender-age, but Tukiya runs away for the safety of her ‘teenage essentials’…Later, her life changes, at the hands of merciless teenage boys…”This novel will be available in the following book stores on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16; MWASUWILA CHRISTIAN BOOK Shop at Levy Mall and FINDECO HOUSE, Among other selected bookshops. His previous book, Bare Breasts; The Untold Story of a Zambian Journalist, is also still selling in the named bookstores, however, at slashed prices.Both books are also selling on the online store; Amazon Kindle, in eBooks, and print versions.*TUKIYA; The Runaway Teen Wife is K95*BARE BREASTS; The Untold Story of a Zambian Journalist is going for K140, from selling at K200.FOR SPECIAL ORDERS: WhatsApp; 0954-587-364. Post Views: 430

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