JCTR Tells Govt To Ignore World Bank Counsel Subsidies

Fr ChitiThe Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says government should not entertain the suggestion by the World Bank to remove subsidies on fuel and electricity.

JCTR Director Fr. Leonard Chiti says the removal of subsidies on fuel and electricity will have a negative effect on consumers’ access to basic goods and services.

Fr Chiti points out that the removal of subsidies will translate into the cost of living going up as prices of basic goods and services will also go up.

He says the economic situation in the country is still volatile with average consumers feeling the impact, and therefore removing the subsidies would affect the people of Zambia who already cannot afford the high cost of living.

Fr. Chiti stresses that instead of removing subsidies; government can work on strengthening the tax collection systems to cover up for what is being spent on subsidies.

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