A monetary lending institution, IZWE loans has handed over a borehole to Munali Ladies Secondary College, to support fortify the water provide and sanitation on the studying facility.
Talking all around the handover of the borehole, IZWE Loans Chief Executive Officer BRIAN MALAMBO said his organisation will continue rendering strengthen to the training sector.
Dr MALAMBO said that his organisation prides in actions supposed to plough abet to the community, especially by the training of children all around the country.
He renowned that the borehole will race an effective procedure in assuaging diseases fair like cholera, inclined to the jam especially all around the rainy season.
Mr. MALAMBO additional said that it used to be this is why that IZWE Loans urgently took it upon themselves to support the college meet the urgent water requires.
And Provincial Training Officer CHRISTOPHER SINKAMBA said that the borehole will support the freshmen preserve prison sanitary stipulations.
Mr. SINKAMBA added that the provision of water will support fortify the attendance of girls, who abscond from college attributable to lack of lawful sanitation on the studying facility.
He thanked IZWE for the gesture and told them to continue helping the communities within the country.

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