“In 2016, I beat him, in 2015, I beat him and in 2021, I will beat him,” President Edgar Lungu said in Kaoma on Wednesday in reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Lungu said he knows that Patriotic  Front will emerge victorious again in 2021 because Mr Hichilema has failed to build on the fortunes left by founding leader Anderson Mazoka, making UPND unpopular and constantly losing elections even in areas considered the party’s strongholds.

In recent by-elections, the UPND has lost several local government seats previously held by its members to the ruling PF, including a parliamentary seat in Mangango which was not long ago predominantly pro-opposition.

It is on this premise that President Lungu said on Wednesday at a rally ahead of today’s (October 10) council chairperson by-election in Kaoma that even UPND founder Anderson Mazoka who died must be wondering what has happened to a party which he worked hard to grow.

“Up there in heaven, Michael Chilufya Sata and Anderson Mazoka are watching us. And Mazoka is asking  Sata  that  how come your party is growing and mine is not, all I see are diminishing returns as its losing ground in its strongholds? And I know Anderson Mazoka is saying I made a mistake, I allowed a bully to lead my political party. And unfortunately, the man who is in charge of the opposition party  here which Mazoka left is saying the party is growing. But the party is diminishing. Because he was left with 50 cattle, he only has 20 now…He is cheating people that his party is growing. In 2016, I beat him. In 2015, I beat him. In 2021, I will beat him. I know that in 2021 he will lose again because I am with you and I listen to you and I know what the people of Zambia want,” President Lungu said.

“Zambians want development, Zambians  want good health, Zambians want good education and that is what we are doing. So how can someone say I have the wisdom, I’m educated, I’m rich and you don’t listen to people. We know that the next election is in 2021 but we know  before that time, we can surely do something tangible to change the face of Kaoma.”

He said further said there is no need for violence because “the people that are dying are you”.

“My children are home, HH’s children are home. Why should we allow you to fight? It’s nonsense! Our Members of Parliament who are in PF, in MMD, in UPND are in Parliament right now; they are even sharing a cup of tea. So I am advising parents here to tell the children that there is no need to shed blood for HH or Edgar Lungu. If they injure you, you suffer alone. If you are lucky, you die alone. If the police arrest you, you will end up in jail alone. So I am asking you for those who belong to my party PF that please, just be as peaceful like I am,” said President Lungu. “If you believe in me  and believe in PF, you will hear my command. My command is that let us be peaceful after voting tomorrow.”

News source: Zambia Reports

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