It’s ECL all the way to 2021

…The youths warns people with presidential ambitions to manage them well

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (03-03-19) Youths from ruling Patriotic Front (PF) have not only endorsed president Edgar Lungu as the sole presidential candidate for the 2021 presidential and general election but vowed never to
allow anyone to arm twist his mandate in the name of politics.

Copperbelt provincial youths Chairman Don Mungulube who read the resolution at the PF Interactive Forum held in Lusaka told journalists that the endorsement follow the decision of the concourt that president Lungu is eligible to contest the 2021 presidential election.

Mungulube said provincial youth leaders across the country met in Lusaka yesterday to deliberate on national matters, including the 2021 election.

The youths from the ruling party also extended the advice to party members that intend to challenge president Lungu at the convention to manage their ambitions.

He said the youths in Lusaka have set their eyes on president Lungu and it is only him they will support in the 2021 elections.
The youths also promised continued support to their  Members of
Parliament in constituencies  where they come from.

The youths also warn the aspirant candidates coming from the PF controlled constituencies to be on the look out and allow the elected MPs to do their job they were elected for.

The warning was further extended to the opposition political parties not to antagonize the government in its quest to develop the country.

Our message to the opposition is that, given chance to president and his government to do his work until the end of his term.
Time to work is now and the youths will not allow detractors to derail the national development program set by the PF leadership as stipulated in the Seventh National Development Plan.

The youths further resolved to put a stop on the tradition of ferrying cadres to and from places where elections are held.
As a caveat to stop violence and take inventory of the number of youths in an area where elections are taking place, Mungulube said the movement of youths during  election will not be allowed.

“The movements of the youths will only be allowed to place is  after seeking clearance from the top leadership.”
Speaking at the same function, Lusaka province youths chairman Daniel Kalembe assures the president not to worry saying the youths under his charge will not fail him.
Kalembe said the youths from the ruling party will do everything possible to ensure that the president and the entire PF leadership is protected.
“As youths, we will not allow anyone to insult the leaders both in the government and party in general.
He advised those with issues  to seek audience with the leaders and dialogue.
Kalembe further said the meeting of youth provincial leaders has set  a motion of the winning formula and nothing will stop them.
The youth already has a candidate and will not tire until the party 2021 general election with a land slide.
Meanwhile the Lusaka youths indicated that the youths in PF meant well when they signed a peace accord with the opposition UPND.
Kalembe explained the PF will stand by the words of the president who pledged the peace in the country.

He said by elections held in the PF strong holds are not violent from events because the party in those areas hid by the instructions president Lungu has made to be peaceful.

He said violence is only found in places where the UPND command great as witnessed in the last Sesheke by election.
“The reason for this is that opposition party has not come to terms yet with defeat.”

Speaking earlier, Mungulube denies claims that Chishimba Kambwili is popular in Luanshya.

Mungulube accused Kambwili of being a joker has not provided meaningful threat to the ruling PF in Luanshya.
Kambwili is just popular on social media. Some people don’t even know who he is on the CB.

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