It’s A UPND Cadre Who Started The Fight At Kasama Shoprite, Narrates Witness

It is a UPND cadre who started the fight at Kasama Shoprite which resulted into the party car being smashed by the PF cadres, eye witnesses have revealed.

One of the witnesses talked to at Shoprite just after the fight said the known UPND cadre intentionally followed the known PF cadres on purpose in Shoprite and started a fight.

The witness narrated that the fight became intense, reaching an extent where customers started running away from the shop.

The witness added that the UPND cadre was dragged out of the store in attempt to control the situation.

Another witness said the UPND cadre tried to run away from the fight he started but some women selling merchandise outside Shoprite premises with the help of some taxi drivers closed all the gates so that he does not run away.

He told the general public not to listen to allegations that it was the PF cadres who started the fight and he said the cadres involved in the fight were well known and they lived in the same area.

News Source: ZambiaReports

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