(NAIS) Chama District Administration in Muchinga Province has appealed to Non Governmental Organisations to introduce social protection programmes in the district.

Chama District Administrative Officer Steven Mulenga says there are no NGOs implementing any social protection programs in Chama, apart from the ones being implemented by government.

Mr Mulenga says the district has many vulnerable people who need help through social protection projects such as the Supporting Women’s Livelihood being implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services.

He has observed that much as government is doing its part, the situation requires the intervention of the NGOs so as to reach out to many vulnerable communities.

Mr Mulenga was speaking in Chama when officers from the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services visited the district to check on the impact of the Supporting Women’s Livelihood Project.

And Chama District Community Development Officer Lloyd Kalumba says the Supporting Women’s Livelihood Project is targeting 1,600 women in the district, out of whom 90 percent have received productivity grants.

Mr Kalumba says there is currently high demand in the district from many women wanting to join the project due to the positive impact they have seen in the livelihoods of those who have benefited.

And some women who have benefited from the project have praised government for giving them grants and training in Life and business skills which have tremendously improved their livelihoods.

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