Imenda encourages clergy to join cooperatives

Patricia Banda


UPND Deputy Secretary General GETRUDE IMENDA, has urged the clergy to encourage Christians to join cooperatives so that they can be empowered through Constituency Development Fund-CDF.

Speaking at a meeting for Pastors in Lusaka, Ms IMENDA said the church is also entitled to benefit from government programmes that empower citizens in the country.

She emphasised that through CDF, a number of children who could not afford boarding fees can now pay while those that applied for skills training have been assisted by government.

And, Presiding Chaplain for UPND Presidential Campaign Team, Apostle BURDEN MFUMGWE explained that people need to be told the truth on what Government is doing for them.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Pastors Representative, Pastor CHRISTOPHER MUKE is happy that Government has created an enabling environment for the church to thrive.

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