MOST learners who smoke marijuana are persuaded into the vice under the pretext of being helped to have an enhanced academic performance, Great North Road Academy Rehab Centre director, Rozious Siatwambo has observed.
Dr Siatwambo said according to his observation, most learners were abusing drugs due to peer pressure while others were misled by drug dealers that they would easily grasp lessons and study for longer hours.  He said this on Monday at the Centre’s head office in Lusaka’s Rhodes Park area during a workshop with Great North Road Academy group of school heads. “What we have seen usually is that, in these schools, most learners are abusing drugs; reasons some children abusing drugs have given for starting to use marijuana are that, ‘because I wasn’t doing well in school, so I was advised to start using marijuana and that, when I use it, I would be understanding what the teachers would be teaching. “So, this is why these days, you find that secondary school going children are on drugs in pursuit of enhancement in their academics,” he said.
And Rehab Centre manager, Precious Posta revealed that drug dealers had enhanced their levels of criminality by dealing in illicit drugs
Ms Posta said drug dealers were lacing cupcakes, and lollipops concentrated with nothing but marijuana or other illicit drugs. Great North Road Academy main campus head teacher, Frank Malambo said, “We are impressed by the works you’re doing. And this is why we came here so you could help us understand how sophisticated the vice has become.

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