By ZANISThe Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs has bemoaned the increase in immorality in Zambia and has called on traditional leaders to help in ending the vice.National Guidance and Religious Affairs Director, Sunday Mwape says it is in this perspective that the ministry has decided to engage traditional leaders across the country to help in the restoration of values and principles.Dr. Mwape said in his continued nationwide tour of chiefdoms when he called on Senior Chief Chiwala that traditional leaders have since been identified as key partners in the restoration of national values and principles.He said the degradation and disintegration in national values and principles is causing havoc in communities adding that involving traditional leaders would help inculcate good morals in the general citizenry.And Senior Chief Chiwala emphasised love and biblical teachings as a cornerstone for good morals and values. Post Views: 12
News Source: ZNBC

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