High Court Dismisses UPND’s Bill 10 Appeal

By Hector Simfukwe-The Lusaka High Court has dismissed an application for leave to commence Judicial Review by UPND Monze Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu against the Speaker’s decision to allow the restoration of the Constitution Amendment Bill Number Ten to the order paper.High Court Judge Sharon Newa says the matter raises Constitutional Issues and that her court does not have authority to look into them.She further says the case by Mr. Mwiimbu is not fit for further investigation hence the decision to dismiss it.Judge Newa says constitutional matters are a preserve of the Constitutional Court.The court further observed that the speaker is protected from any court action when he exercises his power under the internal procedure of parliament unless in cases where he breaches the constitution.In this matter Mr. Mwiimbu wanted the High court to quash the Speaker’s decision to defer proceedings relating to Constitution Amendment Bill number Ten. Post Views: 37
News Source: ZNBC

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