By Brian Mwale:

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has urged the European Union -EU- to partner with Zambia in exploring investment opportunities.

Addressing the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium this morning, President HICHILEMA

said Zambia’s vast fresh water bodies, arable land and central location makes it better placed to be at the centre of ending poverty in Africa.

And President HICHILEMA said his administration is working hard to revamp the economy which had been on a downward trajectory for the past few years.

He appealed to the EU for financial assistance, research and development, technology and skills that will help Small and Media Entrepreneurs- SME’s- grow their operations.

Meanwhile, the President told the EU Parliament that his administration will pay much attention to legislative reforms and strengthen oversight institutions which are key for compliance.

He said government will also undertake significant electoral reforms as recommended by the EU observer mission in the  last year’s general elections.

And President HICHILEMA further reiterated government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by Zambian women and youths.

He however called on the EU to look to Africa for skilled human resources among youths and women.

The President also appealed to the EU to address migration issues with Africa which would make movements easy.

He further said Zambia will continue being at the centre of promoting peace and security in region as evidenced from the peaceful elections last year.

On the Russia – Ukraine War, President HICHILEMA expressed concern on the challenges it has presented across the globe.

He said food, fuel and fertilizer crisis have turned out to be huge challenges for Zambia because of the War.

President HICHILEMA thanked the EU for coming to his aid when he was incarcerated for 127 days in 2017 whilst in the opposition and for standing up for Zambia when there was so much political intolerance.

He said his government has since brought to an end political intolerance as citizens are now able to free walk in public places despite belonging to different political parties.

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