By Lovering Sichizya/Ikacana Sindala:

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has been offered a 3 hectare piece of land at Sing’anda village in Mongu District of Western Province.

Sing’anda is a place where President HICHILEMA was said to have committed an offence of treason during the Patriotic Front -PF- reign on April 10, 2017.

Sing’anda Headman KALALUKA MUBIANA who is also INDUNA KAPUI says his people were amazed at the resilience exhibited by President HICHILEMA during the time of arrest up to the time of his release.

He says this is why he felt compelled to give the Head of State a piece of land where he can build a memorable structure.

INDUNA KAPUI says the piece of land was a gift to remind President HICHILEMA of the arrest on what he referred to as trumped-up treason charges by the previous administration.

And the Head of State has paid tribute to the people of Sing’anda village for the generous offer of land to his family and the country as a whole.

President HICHILEMA said he wishes to construct a modern health facility which must have a maternity wing and wards to admit patients.

He said he will use his own family funds to construct the healthy facility at the area, further stating that his administration is in the office to give money to the people as opposed to pocketing it.

The President was also given traditional gifts, which included a small scrap standing for a defensive tool by shepherds, and a small hoe and axe as tools meant for clearing of forests.

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