By Julius Sakala:

President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged newly appointed Permanent Secretaries to re-write the narrative, in the way government does business.

Mr Hichilema has further reiterated that those appointed must remember that they are servants of the people, every time, they report for duty.

The President has noted that the events of the last 10 years in various government departments, indicates that those who were in office, were serving self interest, but that he wants to prevent this.

The Head of State has explained that there were questions in general procurement procedures and expenditure in all government departments, such as health, energy, construction, which government is currently reviewing.

Mr Hichilema says these areas must be addressed so that public resources are not abused, but channeled to deserving social services, which Zambians are desperately in need of.

He has stated that it is therefore important for those appointed to recognise their obligations that they have to work for the people of Zambia, and protect public resources against abuse.

President Hichilema was speaking at State House, when he swore in some of the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries for the various government ministries and government departments, as well as other senior officials.

In his address to the newly appointed , the Head of State has told them that even State House does not belong to him, but that it has been entrusted to him as he serves the Zambian people.

The President has however said that his office and that of the Vice President cannot work alone, therefore those appointed need to help him deliver to the expectations of the people.

Mr. Hichilema has explained that himself and the Vice President, Mutale Nalumango will continue to emphasise government’s servitude to the people and this will show through results.

The President has therefore told the appointees that their appointments are an opportunity for them to serve the people of Zambia, but also rewrite the narrative of government business.


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