Greece has efficiently achieved a three-one year eurozone bailout programme designed to assist it tackle the fallout from its debt crisis.
For the first time in eight years, Greece is now free to borrow money on the financial markets.
As a condition of the loans, the Greek authorities became compelled to introduce a series of unpopular austerity measures.
The Greek economy has grown slowly nowadays but remains to be 25% smaller than when the crisis began.
In conjunction with aid from Worldwide Monetary Fund (IMF), the loans given to Greece since 2010 amounted to bigger than €260bn – the finest bailout in world financial historical past.
The European Balance Mechanism (ESM) supplied the nation with €sixty one.9bn (£55bn; $70.8bn) over the three years.
This supported the Greek authorities’s efforts to reform the nation’s horrified economy and recapitalise its banks.

‘Grexit refrained from’
The ESM is a fund situation up by the international locations that use the euro forex to manage with a financial crisis.
It had made obtainable one other $27bn to Greece, but said the nation had no longer wished to call on it.
“Greece can stand on its hang ft,” said ESM chairman Mario Centeno.
He thanked the Greek of us for their co-operation, and additionally said there would possibly perchance perhaps well be “no more practice-up rescue programmes” for the first time since 2010.
On the other hand, Greece’s freedom to administration its hang financial affairs shall be tempered by enhanced surveillance from the European Union’s govt, the European Price. This is designed to be sure Athens doesn’t again off on reforms agreed with its lenders. Sooner or later, the bailout loans would possibly want to quiet be repaid.
Professor Kevin Featherstone, director of the Hellenic Observatory on the London College of Economics, said Greece had helped to safeguard the style forward for the eurozone by agreeing to the terms of the bailout programme.
“By enduring this period of austerity we now find refrained from a Grexit [Greek exit from the European Union].
“It’s indubitably the case that the 1/three bailout of 2015 imposed terms that were very, very anxious and in actual fact painful certainly.
“For a political system to find long gone via these years of austerity, this depth of financial hardship, and maintained a functioning society, a functioning democracy, is testament to the robustness of Greece as a up to date divulge. Greece has saved the euro.” BBC NEWS. AFP IMAGE

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