Great North Road academy pupils’ gift home of happiness with early Christmas offerings

GREAT North Road Academy group of schools’ pupils yesterday visited Home of Happiness Orphanage in Foxdale residential area, which houses differently abled children.
The group of schools’ director, Dr. Rozious Siatwambo, led an entourage of pupils and members of staff, from across Lusaka campuses, to an orphanage they termed as, “A home of God’s loved children”.
“We have come with our learners here, because of our firm belief in the spirit of Ubuntu. We have always believed that, what we have, are not given to us by God for us to enjoy alone. We are blessings to other people, and therefore, it is important that we share what we have been blessed with,” Dr. Siatwambo said, adding that, “If we are to raise a generation that cares for their neighbours, or friends’ wellbeing, we must as schools, embrace the spirit of inculcating gestures of being cheerful givers, in our children. Our young generation is our hope for a better tomorrow, so, we must ensure that, best practices are imbedded in them”.
The school running with three campuses in Lusaka (Chilanga, Avondale, and Main, near ZRA), and one in Livingstone, has been known by many as a school of choice that believes in discovery and promotion of talents.
Handing over an assortment of goods contributed by the school management, parents and guardians, Dr. Siatwambo, also author of the book, Exams Made Easy, said, “We all have a duty to our brothers and sisters. We can help change the world, with our small efforts. We encourage many others out there, to embrace the spirit of grooming children into the best, the society deserves”.

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News Source: Mwebantu

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