Grant has done reasonably well says Kamanga

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has said Zambia coach Avram Grant had done reasonably well with the team having met the target of Africa Cup of Nations qualification with the other target of world cup appearance on course.

“The minimum (target) for him was to qualify the team (AFCON) which he did and obviously qualify the team to the world cup. It is just these two AFCON and world cup. His contract comes to an end at the close of the year,” he said.

“We have to look at where we are coming from with the senior team, we missed three editions and Avram came in and qualified the team on top of the group, in a group where we had the eventual winners Ivory Coast. This was a good start point, now we have a good point to make amends in the world cup qualifiers.”

He added: “Sixty years after independence, we have never been to the world cup, we think that we have a good opportunity, of course we have Morocco in front of us.”


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