Govt Welcomes formation of UKA

By Mark Ziligone

Government has welcomed the formation of the opposition United Kwacha Alliance by some opposition political parties.

Chief Government spokesperson CORNELIUS MWEETWA says the formation of the alliance is clear testimony that  democracy growing  in Zambia

Mr. MWEETWA says the Government will NOT stand in the way of the alliance as it has no interest in halting UKA progress.

He adds that formation of the alliance has come at a better time when the people behind its formation have been alleging shrinking democratic space in the country.

Mr. MWEETWA told journalists at a press briefing that opposition political parties should now desist from alleging the shrinking democratic space,

He further called on the alliance to be ambassadors of goodwill and peace by remaining truthful in their politicking.

Mr. MWEETWA said the formation of the alliance has shown that there is NO political stamminar among the opposition.

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