Govt warns erring opposition leaders

By Etambuyu Katota

Government says it will not allow opposition political leaders to disintegrate the cordial bilateral relations Zambia shares with Zimbabwe.

Chief Government Spokesperson CHUSHI KASANDA has charged that some opposition political leaders and members are trying to destabilise the country in order to achieve selfish ambitions.

Ms. KASANDA, who is also Information and Media Minister, says the appearance of some politicians and their views in a recently produced foreign documentary titled the “grand scheme” are meant to discredit the country and President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

She says the opposition politicians are trying to solicit foreign support through destabilising a constitutionally elected government.

Ms. KASANDA says Government is also concerned that the smear campaign has extended to former Vice President NEVERS MUMBA who was merely doing his work on behalf of SADC.

She says the Zambian government was invited for the inauguration of Zimbabwean President EMMERSON MNANGAGWA which was honoured through the attendance of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister STANLEY KAKUBO.

In a statement issued to ZNBC News in Lusaka today, Ms. KASANDA urged Zambians not to fall for the tricks of the opposition politicians but should question their patriotism and morality.

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