Govt warns against illegal termination of jobs

Patricia Banda-Ministry of Labour Permanent Secretary CHANDA KAZIYA has asked employers in all sectors of the economy, who have been affected by Covid-19, NOT to terminate employment for its workers at short notice.Mr. KAZIYA says Government has received reports of some employers, who have terminated contracts for workers due to the Covid-19 impact on their businesses.He has explained that those that are affected must consider engaging their workers in dialogue over the matter.Mr. KAZIYA says this is in line with what was discussed at the tripartite meeting with stakeholders on Covid-19.He also disclosed that government is NOT happy with those replacing qualified Zambians, who are capable of doing work, with expatriates.And Mr. KAZIYA said government expects all employers to abide by Statutory Instrument number 71 that was signed in 2018 on minimum wage.Mr. KAZIYA is disappointed to learn that workers in the cleaning industry are still getting as low as 7 hundred Kwacha instead of the One Thousand and 50 Kwacha.He was responding to an appeal by the Cleaning Association of Zambia President LAURENCE MAKUMBI that Government should intervene in the wages for those working in cleaning companies. Post Views: 4
News Source: ZNBC

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