Govt Rejects Plans By Mopani Copper Mines To Go On Care And Maintenance

By Logic Lukwanda


Plans by Glencore to place Mopani under care and maintenance for 3 months have been rejected by the Zambian government.

This follows discussions between Glencore and government where the mining company intends to place its Kitwe and Mufulira mines on the Copperbelt on care and maintenance, starting today, 7th April 2020 subject to review after three months.

According to Mines Minister Richard Musukwa who held a media briefing this morning following the fall out in discussion between the two parties yesterday, government has rejected attempts by Mopani as reasons given are inconsistent and not satisfactory.

Mr. Musukwa told journalists that Mopani has cited global economic challenges leading to low copper prices at over $4,000 per ton and disruptions in international mobility as well as the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Mopani further says in its letter to government that some management staff will be laid off while unionized workers at a mine that employs 11,000 people will be paid their dues for the three months of care and maintenance.

But Mr. Musukwa says such moves by Mopani will not be entertained because reasons given are not genuine and the required processes to place a mining company under care and maintenance have not been met while the notice to government has been given under 24 hrs.

Meanwhile, Mr. Musukwa has assured the workforce at Mopani and suppliers of goods and services that government will fight for their interest and should be calm because the mining company has been making various failed maneuvers to change its business model in Zambia at the expense of the local economy.



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