Govt Provides Relief To Kitwe’s Kandabwe Victims

Kitwe ~ Wed, 13 Jan 2021

By Brightwell Chabusha

Government has come to the aid of over 200 households in Kitwe’s Kandabwe compound whose houses were destroyed by heavy rains on monday night.

Speaking when he visited the affected families, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit-DMMU National Coordinator Mr Chanda Kabwe said government will provide tents, blankets and mealie meal among other relief support.

Mr Kabwe said government will also through the local authorities in Kitwe, look for alternative land where people can build back better structures that can withstand the shocks of climate change.

He said the compound is along the river banks and with the continued rains life and property may be at risk.

He said government wants to see that everyone is in good health with descent shelter if they are to contribute to national development.

Mr Kabwe further said his office working with the Department of Resettlement will relocate the affected households to upper land and further government will provide the families with ten pockets of cement each and twelve roofing sheets in line with the build back better concept.

” under the build back better project, we will empower those who will accept to go and settle in the areas that the council will find for them. We dont want people to continue staying in areas near the rivers. It’s not safe.” Mr Kabwe said.

He called on the residents to cooperate with the local council so that the flooding situation can be addressed for good.

And Nkana Member of Parliament Alexander Chiteme told the people that he will continue lobbying for them untill the time everyone is safe and stable.

He said he will continue engaging the office of the Vice President for relief support especially those who have lost everything.

He however called on the residents to be patient for government is addressing their issue in the quickest possible time.

He thanked the DMMU National Coordinator for the prompt response.

He also assured the people that government will provide enough food to cater for them all until the time their lives will be stable again.

“We have seen with our own eyes. We will endeavor to provide everything for you so that you lead better lives. We have seen what has happened and no one planned or prepared for what happened last night. Your government will do everything to support you and your families.” Mr Chiteme said.

News Source: ZambiaReports

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