By Reuben Chomba:National Association for Medium and Small-Scale Contractors has praised  government’s move to release 1 hundred and 40 Million kwacha to local contractors in the road sector.Association President Mutale Mpepo says once the funds are paid to local contractors the money will stay in the country thereby contributing positively to the growth of the economy.Mr. Mpepo says the move is a step in the right direction especially in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.He says the funds will help local contractors manage their operations especially during this period of the COVID -19.He further added that the move is an important part as it will motivate the local contractors to perform even better.Mr. Mpepo told ZNBC News in an interview in Lusaka.And, Mr. Mpepo further appealed to local contractors to be patient with the government as it has shown commitment in dismantling the arrears owed to them.He also urged contractors in the sector to apply high levels of hygiene when executing various projects.Mr. Mpepo said all key plays in the sector must adhere to measures given by the Ministry of health to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Post Views: 59
News Source: ZNBC

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