By Lazarous Sichula

The Oil Marketing Companies Association of Zambia -OMCAZ- says the policy direction given by government in the energy sector will lead to increased job creation.

In his speech to open Parliament, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA announced that government will progressively increase private sector participation in the procurement and supply of petroleum products.

OMCAZ president KAFULA MUBANGA says his association welcomes this policy direction and is happy that government will reduce the landed cost of petroleum products.

Dr. MUBANGA says in view of this policy direction, local oil marketing companies should be helped to take up at least 50 percent of the Country’s fuel supply chain.

He said OMCAS is of the view that job creation in the petroleum sub-sector will be more guaranteed if OMCs are given contracts to get products directly from the refinery.

Dr. MUBANGA was speaking to ZNBC news in an interview.

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