Govt Did Not Stop Lungu From Travelling -Kawana

Ministry of Information and Media Director Spokesperson THABO KAWANA has dispelled assertions that Former President EDGAR LUNGU was stopped from traveling to South Korea by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

Mr. KAWANA says it is gross misinformation on the part of commentators suggesting that President HICHILEMA stopped the former Head of State from travelling because he does not handle the affairs of the office of the Former President.

And Mr. KAWANA says the Office of the 6th Republican President and cabinet Office are currently engaging to ensure that the matters are ironed out.

He says the Office of the 6th President is Constitutional and its affairs are handled by cabinet Office which must be informed when he plans to travel out of the country for security reasons.

Mr. KAWANA says cabinet Office has to be notified to also allow for officers travelling ahead of the Former President even when his trip is sponsored by the people that invited him.

He has told Journalists at a Media Briefing in Lusaka today that Mr. LUNGU is a depository of state secrets for the country which is why the government cannot be taken by surprise but notified when and where  he intends to travel.

Mr. KAWANA said if the state is not ready to provide the necessary security, the Former President will be stopped from travelling.


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