“Govt Able To Settle Debts”

The Economic Association of Zambia -EAZ -says government has the ability to meet debt obligations and therefore the country’s fiscal position is not “at the point of no return” as an international news publication claims.Association President , Lubinda Habazoka says although the country’s debt is high and could hinder future capital projects, the consolation is that government is able to meet its debt payments while the Zambia Revenue Authority is also able to collect revenue above its annual target.He told ZNBC News that the publication which claims that Zambia’s fiscal position is at a point of no return, is being used to tarnish the image of the country by discouraging investors from investing in the country.Dr. Habazoka said the publication is a tool of neocolonialism and their interest to paint Zambia’s future as bleak,  is very surprising.He also said that the slow down in economic growth is just a phase that will soon pass. Post Views: 13
News Source: ZNBC

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