Government Will For Now Not Comment On Prime TV Apology

By Lomphande Phiri


Government says it has taken note of Prime Television Proprietor Gerald Shawa’s apology following his utterances on the appeal by the state to media institutions to help sensitization following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Mr. Shawa recently said his TV Station would not participate in the sensitization of the public over the outbreak of covid-19 prompting government to stop transacting with the privately owned TV station in anyway.

But on Monday, Mr. Shawa held a media briefing were he public apologized to government saying he was emotional when he uttered the remarks.

And in an interview with Phoenix News, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Of Information, Amos Malupanga indicated that Mr. Shawa’s apology was noted after his media briefing and in his letter to the ministry.

When asked if the ministry would rescind its decision on the TV station, Mr. Malupanga said for, now government cannot make further comments on the matter.



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