Government Should Not Be Rushed Into Accepting Prime TV’s Apology

By Leah Ngoma


The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) says government should not be rushed into accepting the apology by Prime TV proprietor Gerald Shawa as peace building processes may take time in some cases.

Commenting on the non-response from government to Mr. Shawa`s apology, SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says peace building and healing processes take different time frames and that sometimes they may be quick while sometimes they may be slow.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Mr Cheembe explains that it has always been a challenge to give timeframe to a peace building process because healing processes differ as the level of injury that stakeholders may have differs from one individual to the other.

Mr. Cheembe is of the view that it is difficult to force a particular part to either render or accept an apology as there are certain processes that must be undertaken among them dialogue between the involved parties.

He has however reiterated his call on government to favorably consider the apology by Mr Shawa.

Mr. Shawa recently said his TV station would not participate in the sensitization of the public over the outbreak of covid-19, prompting government to stop transacting with the privately owned TV station in anyway but he later apologized to government saying he was emotional when he uttered the remarks.

But Permanent Secretary in The Ministry Of Information, Amos Malupanga has indicated that government will for now not comment on Mr. Shawa`s apology.



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