Government Lacks Political Will To Capacitate Local Print Press

By Prudence Siabana


An electoral expert McDonald Chipenzi has observed with concern the lack of political will by government to capacitate local printing presses in Zambia.

In an interview with phoenix news, Mr Chipenzi says it is disappointing to note that government has not taken serious the printing of ballot paper locally. Mr Chipenzi notes that if the US$6.7 million for ballot paper printing was pumped into the Zambian economy through contracting local printers many jobs would be created and it would bring in foreign exchange.

He however states that the prerogative to select a printer for ballot papers lies solely with the electoral commission of Zambia.

Mr Chipenzi has however called on government to show interest in the localizing of the procurement of electoral services such as ballot papers and electoral funding.
Last week electoral commission of Zambia announced the awarding of contract to Al Ghurair printing company to print 2021 ballot papers at a cost of 6.9 million United States dollars.


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