Goats “procreating like there’s no tomorrow” causing concern for Ndola City Council

THE Ndola City Council (NCC) through the department of public health has confiscated 47 goats that were being reared in Ndola’s Ndeke and Jacaranda residential areas.And the council has warned that it will not tolerate residents to rear animals in residential areas.In a statement issued by council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza, the goats were stray and unattended to.Mwanza said the local authority as guided by Statutory Instrument  12 of 2018 has applied for a court order to either auction the goats or dispose them off.“The Ndola City Council would like to add that those found wanting will also be charged in addition to having their animals confiscated.” She said.And council’s Department of Public Health Chief Health Inspector Hurbert Mwanza has advised residents not to rear Chickens in residential areas as it is a source of disease spread. Post Views: 243

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