Go and sort out PF – Nkombo

13349211_10210056615472148_2111009959_nFormer Mazabuka central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo publicly instructed UPND cadres and Police to go and sort out suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who were stoning its secretariat during the filing in of nominations at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Friday, reports Zambian Eye correspondent.

Nkombo, who was the Master of Ceremony, went over to the microphone after being tipped off that the UPND secretariat was under attack.

“Police over there, who ever is your commander. I am asking you to right away go to our secretariat and sort out PF. Our youths, I am commanding you to go and sort them out. Go in numbers, if police won’t protect us, we shall protect ourselves. I am telling you Edgar Lungu now, stop the rot. Stop this violence, I am now and I will again, we shall no longer sit idle. We will protect ourselves,” the charged up Nkombo spoke to the tens of thousands who had gathered outside the nomination center.

Meanwhile, UPND Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema challenged Lungu to do the right thing by doing away with thugs in the street.

“Edgar Lungu, take your cadres off our streets. We are in campaign time and we will not allow you to intimidate us. One of our members has been shot. What type of a country is this? Stop this violence,” the visibly emotional Hichilema charged.

some of the damage caused by PF cadres at the UPND secretariat

some of the damage caused by PF cadres at the UPND secretariat

Earlier, the UPND cadres overpowered police and took over command of the nomination centre. The cadres who were led by former Kafue MP Obvious Mwaliteta and William Banda outnumbered the police and took over the entrance of the nomination centre.

There was a near stampede as the cadres adorned in blue overalls pushed the police away and removed the standard metal detector which was mounted on the door.

Hichilema entered the nomination room in the of midst confusion caused by the cadres. Police had to call for back up but failed to contain the situation leaving UPND cadres to direct and lead the security of the centre.

Before Hichilema and his running mate could sit, the cadres kept on exchanging seats from the already prepared ones.

And after swearing before the commissioner of oaths, Hichilema walked straight to greet his Vice President for Politics Dr Canisius Banda. Hichilema who was accompanied by his running mate, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba briefly greeted and embraced Banda and their muttered some inaudible,   Mwamba followed suit and embraced Banda who is alleged to have been left out for running mate post.

Hichilema  and Mwamba then went before the Hon Justice Esau Chulu who  at 16:00hrs validated the nominations of both as Presidential Candidate and running mate respectively.

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