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Gaye says Kalusha is tainted by FIFA corruption bans … Should not use Political influence to seek CAF nomination


Popular African football show, Soccer Africa last night was heated on the subject of Andrew Kamanga and Kalusha Bwalya battling for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) executive committee position.

Out-spoken Ivorian Mamoud Gaye claimed Kalusha was unfit to run because his football administration record was tainted by FIFA bans for corruption.

“Kamanga, he submitted his name to CAF already. Now Kalusha is using the politic. You remember, when I went to Zambia, everybody they told me, we thought Kalusha was going to be the Minister of something because he campaigned intensively with this new government. If they want they can give him something. Now the Minister wants to call the two of them and say to Kamanga, you leave this to Kalusha. Impossible! That is not how football is run!

“Kalusha, And if you look at his administration, Kalusha himself banned by FIFA, his vice-president banned by FIFA. His General Secretary…that is the administration by Kalusha. Corruption and banned by FIFA.

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“Even if the ban was for one day……..Kalusha will never ever occupy any position in FIFA anymore. In FIFA once they ban you, you can never occupy any position because there is the integrity test. And in CAF it is coming, it is going to be introduced ,” Gaye charged.

Congolese Jeff Katala claimed Gaye was “emotional” and defended Kalusha’s record as an administrator.

” I disagree totally. The government, …the government…when I say the government, I mean the regime of Kalusha Bwalya was not corrupt. The government of Kalusha gave the Africa Cup to Zambia. And Kamanga has not qualified Zambia to the Africa Cup of Nations,” said the visibly upset Congolese Jeff.

Gaye said CAF recognised the nomination of FAZ for the position. “CAF only recognises the letter signed by the FA, that is why the Minister is coming in because they are supporting Kalusha. They want to convince Kamanga to allow Kalusha to compete.”

Katala cut in: “Kamanga knew Kalusha was going to run. Why didn’t he call Kalusha?”

But Gaye responded, “Who is the boss? Kamanga or Kalusha?”

Former Nigerian goalkeeper Pastor Peter Idahside said, “Kalusha is a legend,” as the studio erupted into a heated exchange.

Earlier, Pastor Idahside asked, “If Kalusha puts in his paper, and Kamanga puts in his paper and then the FA refuse to endorse Kalusha?”

Katala answered, “They can refuse.”

Kamanga has filed his nomination for the CAF Southern Africa post which Kalusha currently holds.

FAZ confirmed through general secretary Adrian Kashala it will support the candidature of its president Kamanga.

Kalusha announced his intention to recontest the position he has held for 8 years.

In order to do so, Kalusha needs the nomination of FAZ. He has written to FAZ asking for the nomination.

However, FAZ can only nominate one person and has already submitted Kamanga as its candidate.

The deadline for receiving of nominations is 31, May for the elections scheduled for July, 2019.

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