Fundraising for bone marrow transplant in India for Mooya Nzila Zimba

MILLIONS of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the costs of treatment can add up.  This is a story of Mooya Nzila Zimba;
She is a wife, a mother and an asset to the nation, Zambia. She is a Technical Research Assistant/Gazzetted  Plant Health Inspector under Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (Mt Makulu research station) and has worked there for over 16 years. She is a former St. Mary Secondary School, Livingstone student class of 1997 where she was a vice head girl.
She has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) which is basically a type of cancer of the blood. She is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments at the cancer diseases hospital Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) based at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia but doctors have advised that a bone marrow  transplant at a specialized hospital is the best option for her which however cannot be done at CDH. She needs urgent treatment in India where it can be done to help fight it completely.
*Please help by donating any amount to meeting the cost of $50,000.00 towards her medical treatment. Doctors have estimated the duration of stay to be approximately 4 months with the total cost of $4,000 for this duration of stay and additionally $5,000 for flights and other logistics.*
By gaining support from friends, family members, and the community at large, you can help raise money to cover some of those expenses.
This appeal is to all friends, family members and the community at large, and with your support, we can help raise money to cover the expenses. Please support this cause to help her get back on her feet and keeping doing the goods work.
For any questions or clarification kindly contact
Mr Phillip Zimba (husband) on +260 97 8316895
Pastor Swani of Lifeline Church PHI +260 95 5453963
Mrs. Mabel Banda ±260977 320079 (friend).
For any deposits kindly use;
Atlas Mara
Account number: 0090575067001
Swift code 200009
Name of account holder: Philip Zimba
Phillip Zimba 0978316895 (Airtel money)
MTN Line 0960636863 Barbara Witola.
0979313222 (Airtel money) Liswaniso Sikute
+260 97 9059698 (xapit account)
Taonga T. Zulu
Please feel free to call and confirm any transactions.

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