“Fortifying Zambia’s Democratic Landscape”

… ZCID reconvenes to discuss the Political Parties Bill and Map the way forward on EU Election observation mission recommendations

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (28-02-2024) – In an effort to fortify Zambia’s democratic landscape, the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) hosted a crucial interparty meeting to discuss important issues, including the Political Parties Bill and establish a path forward.

Amb. Joyce Musenge, Chairperson of ZCID, stated during the official opening of the meeting at Mika Lodge in Kabulonga that the gathering serves as a vital platform for political stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and address pressing issues facing the nation.

“The central focus of the meeting is the discussion surrounding the Political Parties Bill—a legislative proposal aimed at regulating the operations and conduct of political parties in Zambia,” she said.

Additionally, Amb. Musenge explained that stakeholders will deliberate on critical matters such as stakeholder engagements, high nomination fees, conduct during elections, and recommendations from the European Union (EU) observation mission.

According to Musenge, the selected topics for the meeting highlight the complex nature of Zambia’s political landscape and the need for comprehensive solutions to address existing challenges.

“It is essential to recognize and appreciate the efforts of outgoing officials who have dedicated their time and resources to advancing the objectives of ZCID,” she suggested.

“These contributions are instrumental in shaping the organization’s trajectory and fostering an environment conducive to constructive dialogue.”

Furthermore, Amb. Musenge expressed her gratitude towards members for their unwavering support, serving as a testament to the collective commitment towards strengthening Zambia’s democratic institutions.

Amb. Musenge also emphasized the importance of unity of purpose and decisive leadership in driving the organization forward.

Amb. Musenge suggested that cohesive efforts and visionary leadership are indispensable in realizing ZCID’s mandate of promoting interparty dialogue and consensus-building.

“By fostering a spirit of collaboration and inclusivity, ZCID aims to transcend partisan divides and prioritize the collective interests of the Zambian populace,” she explained.

She also encouraged interactive participation and feedback from attendees, as the meeting seeks to facilitate productive discussions and informed decision-making.

She emphasized not only the importance of inclusive dialogue in addressing complex challenges and forging consensus-driven solutions but also cultivating a culture of mutual respect and collaboration among political actors.

Beyond the electoral cycle, Amb. Musenge said ZCID underscores the significance of maintaining unity and sustaining momentum in advancing democratic processes.

While elections serve as a crucial moment in the democratic journey, true progress lies in the continuous engagement and participation of all stakeholders.

Amb. Musenge said political party meetings serve as the cornerstone of democratic governance, fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse political entities.

“Political gatherings play a pivotal role in deepening democratic principles and promoting inclusivity within the political sphere, by providing a forum not only for discourse and negotiation but also laying the groundwork for consensus-building and the formulation of effective policies.”

By remaining steadfast in its commitment to democratic ideals, ZCID aims to lay the foundation for long-term political stability and socio-economic development in Zambia.

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