FAZ wants 2020 league to be concluded on pitch

Chansa Kunda-FAZ President, ANDREW KAMANGA says the association desires that the 2020 football season is concluded on the pitch.KAMANGA was speaking today, during a FAZ Consultative meeting with Lusaka-based clubs, ahead of the proposed July 18 for resumption of leagues .He explained that FAZ expects the Super League season to resume, so that the association can now focus on lower leagues.According to FAZ proposals, remainder of the 2019-2020 season will end on September 13, while the 2020/2021 season will start mid October.And speaking during the same meeting, FAZ Director of Sports, JOHN ZULU has explained that government’s desire is to see all sports disciplines resume next July.ZULU said if things are done properly with FAZ, many countries will take that as a model.Meanwhile, National Sports Council of Zambia Acting General Secretary, RAPHAEL MULENGA has requested sports federations to go by the set guidelines as they resume action.And Zambia National Public Health Institute Representative during the meeting, RAYMOND HAMOONGA said the Ministry of Health will work closely with club medical teams. Post Views: 15
News Source: ZNBC

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